How To Properly Take a Water Sample for Testing

I admit- This isn't going to be the sexiest blog, or even in the top 10 of interesting blogs.  But this is extremely important, as testing your pool water is the foundation of your swimming pool season success.  Staying on top of your water chemistry readings helps fend off any potential headaches related to pH/alkalinity/sanitizer imbalance.  But most pool owners do not know how to properly take a water sample for water testing.

Hayward Aquarite Salt System FAQ's

The Hayward Goldline Aquarite salt system is the most common salt generator we sell at Prestige Pools and Spas.  Easy to operate and cheap (relatively speaking) to replace parts, its ideal for our in ground pool customers.  If you're new to salt systems or by extension, new to your pool that has this salt system, or just need a refresher, here is a quick hit on a few of the Frequently Asked Questions associated with this system:

Opening Season Inventory

Its that time of year again (YAY!):  Time to remove that depressing pool cover, fire up your filter system, and get your swimming pool opened and running.   Okay now what?  This is is the point in which you take inventory of what you have, what you need, what you expect to need, and what you need to toss out.  Lets review:

Pros & Cons of an Early Pool Opening

"When do people normally open their pool?" is a question we hear a lot from people who are new to pool ownership.  The typical response is some form of "any time from March to June."  That's a four month window- I know.  But there are many pros and cons of an early pool opening.  Here is a brief breakdown of why you should (or should not) open your pool early:

@ease: A Really Cool Spa Sanitization System

@ease is a chlorine-based sanitization system (Yes- the term "chlorine" may have already turned you off but stay with me, you'll want to hear this) that has the benefits of a salt system, the (no pun intended, kinda) ease of a tablet floater and price-point of a Nature 2 system.  Read more to hear about @ease from an unbiased source...

Winter Do's & Don'ts For Your Swimming Pool in the Winter

Winter Do's & Don'ts For Your Swimming Pool in the Winter

Even when your pool is shut down we are always looking towards the springtime and the opening season.  While well-intentioned most things we do (or don't do) can be detrimental can cause long-term issues with your swimming pool.  Here are a few helpful tips to ensure your pool is properly cared for during the off season...

Valentine's Day is Great for Hot Tubs

Valentine's Day is around the corner and every year you're bombarded with the same things:  Roses, chocolate, fancy dinner, teddy bears.  After a while, those things get boring (and in the case of chocolate, its unhealthy!) and you and your partner simply go through the motions.

Hot tubs are a great alternative to same old "Date Night" you've planned and executed since you were first dating.

Inclement Weather: How To Protect Your Swimming Pool / Hot Tub.

Winter wonderland is a great description of the Christmas season when you're singing a carol.  But it isn't always the best description for snowy, icy, or downright dreary conditions that can wreak havoc on your backyard oasis.  Protecting your swimming pool, hot tub / spa, or swim spa from inclement weather can be daunting if you're aware of what can go wrong.  Here's a few tips to help you better understand the issues and remedies when weather hits that will cancel school...

In Ground Pool Buyer's Guide

Any construction project starts with information gathering.  Building an in ground pool is no different.  In the greater St. Louis metro area, central and southern Illinois, St. Charles and Jefferson counties, and the outlying areas, builders big and small have varying opinions as to which swimming pool is the best.  To figure out what is best for you and your family, we have compiled some basic questions, the answers to which will point you in the right direction.  After all:  Buying a new in ground pool should be the beginning of an extremely fun endeavor. 

Hot Tub Sales Gimmicks Revealed

We here at Prestige Pools and Spas strive to be a source of information for all things swimming pool and hot tub related.  As a part of the education process, we try to cut through information that is laced with nonsensical"buzzwords" and double-speak that can be confusing, misleading or downright false.  Below are some of the features that tend to be the most over-sold aspects, or things that are purposefully vague, or somehow presented as they are differentiated between brands when there really are no differences at all...

Hot Tub Water Chemistry 102

Hot tub water chemistry goes beyond just balancing pH and alkalinity and making sure your preferred sanitizer is within range (for a look at our blog for Hot Tub Water Chemistry 101 click here).  Other items pictured above and further below may not just help with your overall hot tub experience but may also contribute to the long-term health of your hot tub and how long it lasts.  Here are a few products that you may want to keep in your products bin going forward...

Holiday Gift Ideas for In Ground Pool (and Hot Tub) Owners

Every year we make the mad dash for last minute gifts that we put off or forgot about.  It happens to us all at one point or another.  When this happens options can be limited.  But if the person you're buying for owns an in ground pool or hot tub, here are some gift ideas that aren't the same-old, same-old...

Hot Tub Life Hacks

When you own your very own hot tub, life takes on a different speed (to read about "The 7 Benefits of Owning a Hot Tub" click here).  Check out these 6 tricks that can make owning a hot tub even easier and enjoyable:

Hot Tub Water Chemistry 101

Hot Tub Water Chemistry 101

The water chemistry of your hot tub is the most important factor in determining its lifespan.  It is imperative that you learn the basics of water chemistry to ensure safe bathing conditions and keep the components of the hot tub from deteriorating prematurely. . .

7 Benefits To Owning A Hot Tub in St. Louis, MO

Hot tubs are flat out fun and owning one is an enjoyable experience, especially when you live in St. Louis and get to experience 4 full seasons every year.   For the initiated, hot tub ownership can be entirely health-related.  For others in the know, its mainly for entertainment.  If you have tossed around the idea of purchasing a hot tub or are looking for ways to improve your health, your back yard or are just curious about hot tubs in general, here are 7 benefits to owning a hot tub:

Swim Spas: An Aquatic Gym for your Home

For many, healthy living has become a priority.  Eating right and exercising daily is the foundation of lifestyle choices for millennials and baby-boomers alike.  Aquatic-based exercises are some of the most efficient ways to burn calories while reducing the amount of stress on the body's joints and appendages.  Most outlets for swimming and exercising are in public pools, private in ground pools in your back yard and swim spas.

8 Benefits To Owning A Catalina Swim Spa In St. Louis, MO

Swim spas have gained in popularity and are no longer a quirky concept in the pool and spa industry.  As this facet of the industry is still relatively new, questions persist as to what a swim spa is, what it can it do and what are the benefits for the user.  Prestige Pools and Spas, St. Louis' exclusive Catalina Swim Spa dealer, would like to help you understand why a swim spa in your back yard may be the right decision to suit your exercise and entertainment needs.

Hot Tub Buyer's Guide: Purchasing Your New Hot Tub

How cool are hot tubs?  If you think about it- You're buying an unending source of foot rubs and back massages. This experience should be fun.  Scratch that- This experience should be outstanding.  The purchase of a new hot tub would be great if you could walk right up to the local hot tub dealer and say "I'll have one hot tub, please."  If only it was that easy.

Traditional Winter Cover vs Safety/Solid Spring Cover for In Ground Pools

Pool covers have evolved a bit over the years from the standard “tarp” covers to the ever-popular Safety/Solid Spring covers that most new in ground pool construction installs today.  If you are considering getting a new winter cover you may want to first decide what the best is for you in your situation.  Here is a quick summary of the two most common types of winter covers in today’s marketplace and how they’re installed.

Pool Closing Preparation- What to Do?

Closing your in ground pool is the most important aspect of owning a pool, in our opinion.  The amount of things that can go wrong (and more importantly, the cost of fixing these things) can be staggering if your pool is not properly closed.  Virtually every aspect of your pool must be accounted for before the winter arrives and its effects are felt.  Do you know what to do? 


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