Hayward Goldline Aquarite Salt System FAQ's

The Hayward Aquarite salt system is the most common salt generator we sell at Prestige Pools and Spas.  Easy to operate and cheap (relatively speaking) to replace parts, its ideal for our in ground pool customers.  If you're new to salt systems or by extension, new to your pool that has this salt system, or just need a refresher, here is a quick hit on a few of the Frequently Asked Questions associated with this system:

Is Chlorine Salt? Isn't Salt Chlorine?

Yes and no, or no and yes, or kinda on both.  Clear as mud, right?  Think of it in a linear fashion:  All pools have a sanitizer, chlorine is the most common sanitizer, and salt is how you generate chlorine in your pool.  If that isn't clear then consider something more common:  Automobiles.

Cars are the most common types of automobiles, but not all automobiles are cars. Some automobiles can be trucks, vans, cars, so on so forth.  But cars are the most common type of automobiles.  With me?  Lets take the next step:  A Ford Mustang is a car.  All Ford Mustangs are cars, but not all cars are Ford Mustangs.  So, a Ford Mustang is a type of car, which is a type of automobile.  Get it?

So, salt is a type of chlorine, and chlorine is a type of sanitizer.  You use the salt to generate chlorine. 

My Salt Level is Low, Do I Turn the Knob Up?

No.  The only way to increase your salt level in your pool is by adding salt.  Same applies if your salt is high:  You must remove water from your pool (and evaporation does not count!) to lower your salt level.  The knob is only to adjust your chlorine output. 

My INSPECT CELL Light is On:  What Do I Do?

Hold down the DIAGNOSTICS button for 5 seconds.  This reboots the system.  Every 500 hours of operation this light will turn on.  This process reboots the system, and very likely resolve your issue.

My Salt System Isn't Generating Chlorine

1.  Your water temperature is below 70 degrees.

2.  Your salt level is below 2800ppm.

3.  Your salt level is above 4000ppm.

4.  Your Stabilizer level is too low:  Keep it around 50-80ppm.

5.  Any/All of the above.

What % Should My Dial Be Set To?

I don't know.  Seriously:  There are so many variables that the % dial can vary greatly from pool to pool.  Start at 50% and after a few days check your chlorine levels.  Adjust if its too high or low and retest.  Once you establish an ongoing chlorine level of 1-4ppm consistently, you'll have your answer.

Wow! Thanks for the Tips!  Anything Else?

Of course!  Your cell should be cleaned once a season.  For longer cell life, switch the unit around each year so that the cells wear evenly, not unlike rotating tires on your Ford MustangCarAutomobile (aaaaand the circle is complete).

More Questions?

Then check out Hayward's online manual here.

Feel free to call us:  314.821.6660 or email us at water@prestigepoolsandspas.com. 

Happy Swimming!


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