Winter Do's & Don'ts For Your Swimming Pool in the Winter

Winter DO'S & DON'T For Your Swimming Pool in the Winter

Even when your pool is shut down we are always looking towards the springtime and the opening season.  While well-intentioned most things we do (or don't do) can be detrimental can cause long-term issues with your swimming pool.  Here are a few helpful tips to ensure your pool is properly cared for during the off season...

DON'T Add Shock

Staying atop of your water clarity is the leading issue for most pool owners over the winter.  When the pool is opened most owners lament the condition of the water, which is generally poor if you have a mesh cover (which most people do). 

To try to get on top of the situation many pool owners will periodically add shock to their pool during the off season when the pool is closed.  This can be potentially devastating to your in ground pool:  Granular shock may not fully dissolve as there is not circulation and liquid shock is heavier than your pool water.  The inactivity of the water will allow either form of shock to settle on the pool floor and discolor/bleach your surface. 

If you have a vinyl liner pool, you are certainly going to not only have a discolored liner, but your liner will become brittle, shaving years off its longevity.  If you have a fiberglass pool or concrete pool, you likely won't experience the deterioration of the product but discoloration is still a likely result.

DO Keep Leaves Off Of Your Cover

Leaves and debris are a menace to your cover.  One of the sales points on a safety cover is that it can handle additional weight with ease.  But just because it can handle the extra weight doesn't mean that is should continuously handle the extra weight.  Long term the additional weight can cause the cover to rub on your cover, causing discoloration on aluminum coping.  If you have cantilever coping you may experience eventual ripping/tearing of your cover from the additional weight. 

Regardless, you are creating additional problems that are 100% preventable.  Lets not make things more difficult than they need to be:  Keep your cover clear of debris as much as possible.

DON'T Put Off Major Expenses/Projects For Later

Generally speaking nobody is clamoring for out-of-pocket in ground pool investments.  We get it.  But pools do need upkeep from time to time- Liners need to be replaced, surfaces need to be acid washed and repainted, etc.  Why go through the expense of filling your pool and balancing the water only to have to drain and refill your pool in the middle of the summer? 

It makes better sense to have your liner replaced or walls resurfaced in the spring before you get your pool started up.  Furthermore, you can likely get additional fees (like labor for opening your poo, for instance) rolled into the total which is a big win for you.  Win-win!

DO Schedule Major Expenses/Projects Early

To piggyback on the previous point- If you're going to get your liner replaced it is better to get you liner ordered in the fall or winter.  Trust us:  When you start to think about it, everyone else is also thinking about it.

Consider:  In January or February a liner can be ordered and made within 1-2 weeks.  Later in March and beyond, the same process is extended to 3-6 weeks.  Additionally, you're now competing with the weather.  Do yourself a favor and get your liner ordered early.

DON'T Put Off New Salt Systems or Energy Efficient Motor Purchases

Energy efficient motors are very much front and center in the swimming pool industry (if you don't believe me just look at the space dedicated by Hayward Pool Products on their website here).  More and more often, many manufacturers have offered rebates on new energy efficient motors in the past.  What may not be as widely know is that your local energy provider are also encouraging pool and spa owners to convert to more energy efficient pool pumps (here in St. Louis, Ameren UE has a few programs listed here).

The catch is that many of these programs gave deadlines.  To get all of your rebates you need to not only make purchases but you turn in your rebate paperwork within the allotted time frame.  Get an early start on your research and get your new pumps installed during your pool opening to maximize your savings potentials and capitalize on your labor rates.

DO Schedule Your Pool Opening Early

You're starting to sense a theme here, right?  You don't have to open your pool early, but you want to get the most ideal time that works for you and your schedule.  Make sure you give yourself the best opportunity to succeed. 

As noted several other places in this blog, scheduling in the latter part of the winter generally is a recipe for success.  The longer you wait, the less likely you are going to secure the optimal opening date for your pool.

DON'T Throw Away Your Old Safety Cover

We'll say it again:  DON'T throw away your old safety cover!  Your cover will be used as a template for your new safety cover.  We here at Prestige Pools and Spas will ship your old cover to the manufacturer at no charge to you in order to get a new cover manufactured that resembles your old cover as closely as possible.

This is important as the straps on your cover need to match up to your anchors in your deck.  The more the straps are off, the more we will have to drill new holes in your concrete.  This is never ideal.  Keep your old cover please and let us dispose of it once it is no longer useful.

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