Traditional Winter Cover vs Safety/Solid Spring Cover for In Ground Pools

Pool covers have evolved a bit over the years from the standard “tarp” covers to the ever-popular Safety/Solid Spring covers that most new in ground pool construction installs today.  If you are considering getting a new winter cover you may want to first decide what the best is for you in your situation.  Here is a quick summary of the two most common types of winter covers in today’s marketplace and how they’re installed.

Pool Closing Preparation- What to Do?

Closing your in ground pool is the most important aspect of owning a pool, in our opinion.  The amount of things that can go wrong (and more importantly, the cost of fixing these things) can be staggering if your pool is not properly closed.  Virtually every aspect of your pool must be accounted for before the winter arrives and its effects are felt.  Do you know what to do? 

Recognizing & Treating Metal Stains

That black algae that no matter how often you brush and shock it, it won't come up.  The odd rusting of your fiberglass steps, that couldn't possibly be rusting as they're not made out of metal.  The weird yellowing of your return jets and skimmer faceplates.  A purple "I don't know what" at your water line.  What is this stuff?  WHY is this stuff? What do I do?

It's HOT! What Do I Do?!?

Its so darn hot outside.  Luckily, you have an in ground pool to cool off in.  But now that it the heat is routinely reaching 90, 100 degrees Fahrenheit, that pool is starting to look pretty good to you more frequently, and probably to your friends and neighbors as well.  This puts a lot of stress on your pool.  However, your increasing swimming habits are not just the only thing putting stress on your pool and its water chemistry:  Heat and UV rays are as well.  And that can cause many issues.  Here are some helpful tips to get you through the unbearable summer heat without your in ground pool turning into a cloudy or green mess...

Hot Tubs! Here is Whats New in St. Louis...

As the market for hot tubs is beginning to pick up to pre-2008 numbers nationwide Prestige Pools and Spas has brought on 3 new hot tub product lines to better compete in the St. Louis market. 

Vacationing? What do I need to do if my pool is left to its own regards?

Leaving your in ground pool unattended on its own is never a good idea, especially in the summer heat.  Salt systems have done much in the way of establishing a safety net for home owners in regards to water chemistry, but nothing is better at preventing water imbalance and algae outbreaks than regular testing. 

Party Time! What Do I Do With My Pool?

Party Time! What Do I Do With My Pool?

The most common action to take when expecting a heavy bather load is to increase your sanitizer level.  As most in ground pools are now salt-based, “Superchlorinating” (Hayward) or “Boosting” (Pentair) 24 – 36 hours prior to your event should be adequate (Increasing your chlorine output on your automatic chlorinator will also suffice if you’re using standard tablets).  However, if the bather load is heavier than anticipated it may help to add shock after swimming has finished for the evening. 

Enjoy some ENJOY!

Two components make up the ENJOY! system: Mineral tablets and "Once-A-Week" shock packets.  The mineral tablets (active ingredient: Silver) are what a call the "passive sanitizer" in that it will keep the water clear during the day-to-day usage.  These contain no chlorine and is why ENJOY! is a more natural substitute to chlorine.  The tablets are dissolved in the skimmer and will last one month.  That's it.

What Direction Should My Return Jets Face?

Conventional wisdom dictates that most pool owners should point the jets up to create vigorous ripples in the water.  After all:  When we mix batter we whisk the bowl thoroughly in all manner of directions.  This does not necessarily translate when it comes to your pool and how water is circulated.

Your skimmer(s) are designed to skim surface area.  When there is tension on the surface you have created more surface area for your skimmer(s) to skim and lengthening the overall process of skimming.  Tension in the surface will also encourage faster evaporation and greater chemical burn off.

Energy Efficiency: The New Normal

Energy efficiency is not just inquired about in today’s world; it has become an expected feature in most goods in today’s marketplace.  As more consumers are leaning “Green,” manufacturers are responding with products that are environmentally friendly or at the very least more affordable to operate with a longer life span.

Clearing up a green pool.

Cleaning up green water is a chore.  There are many reasons why it happened (went out of town on vacation, remnants from over the winter, you binged an entire season of your favorite show on Netflix all week, or it just floated in your pool and populated rapidly) but most people will just shock their pool.

How to Deal with Water Chemistry in Inconsistent Weather

How to Deal with Water Chemistry in Inconsistent Weather

Hot, cold, rain, shine.  The springtime is great for blooms and weddings but it can wreak havoc on the water chemistry in your newly opened swimming pool.  When you are dealing with inconsistencies with the weather – and its unpredictability- it can be both costly and frustrating.  While there are no sure things when it comes to water chemistry, here are a few tips that may help you survive the springtime:

Salt Systems:  Is it time to convert?

Salt Systems: Is it time to convert?

Over 90% of new in ground pool constructions include a salt system as its sanitizer.  Furthermore, every year we convert a large number of traditional tablet-based in ground pools to salt systems.  So why are salt systems becoming the dominant sanitizer method for in ground pools in St. Louis?

Pool Opening Procedures

Pool Opening Procedures

There is no preferred date for opening your swimming pool.  Each month of the spring presents its own unique opportunities and pitfalls when considering the right date to open your pool.  Trees shedding gumballs, helicopters, etc. and flowers covering every surface with pollen can frustrate homeowners into preferring to wait to uncover your pool until a date closer to summer. 


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