Prestige Pools and Spas has proudly been an exclusive hot tub dealer in St. Louis of Catalina Spas for over 20 years.  American-made and family-owned, come see why each of our hot tubs makes these Catalina hot tubs “The most popular line of spas in the world.”

Our Catalina Spas come in a variety of shell colors and cabinet colors.  Mix and match a combination that suits your aesthetic needs.  Catalina Spas designs a high end quality spa, but retains a mid-range price and has been manufacturing quality spas for over 40 years. With comfortable roomy seating, designs by Catalina Spas will suit your every need.


Our Storied History with Catalina Spas

Since the early '90's, Prestige Pools and Spas has been the exclusive hot tub dealer of Catalina Spas and Catalina Swim Spas in St. Louis, MO.  While models and colors have come and gone, They have stayed focused on building quality, dynamic hot tubs.  Like our own establishment, Catalina Spas has been family-owned for over 35 years. 

Catalina Spas is the old workhorse of this industry.  They're not flashy.  They don't promote themselves all over the internet, patting themselves on the their own back every chance they can.  Instead- this company just focuses their resources on product development and manufacturing hot tubs that provide soothing hydrotherapy to every user. 

In 2007 when the American economy was under duress, many hot tub manufacturers were sold to larger corporate entities that eventually moved their operations to Mexico for cheaper labor and to skirt E.P.A. laws.  Many of these manufacturer's brands are available in St. Louis, MO.  Through the ups and down of the economy Catalina Spas has stayed independent. 

What also sets Catalina Spas apart from every single manufacturer out there is that they are the original swim spa manufacturer.  For over 30 years they have continuously produced swim spas that have laid the foundation for the industry.  Almost all swim spas on the market have followed the lead of what Catalina has done:  90" wide units, 51" tall units, 12' to 18' lengths, larger units established with an independent hot tub side with its own heating and filter system, river water jets, etc.  They're so inventive and built so well that other manufacturers purchase their swim spa shells from Catalina Spas!

Going forward, Catalina Spas continues to streamline their hot tub line while expanding their swim spa line.  Prestige Pools and Spas is thrilled to be their local dealer in the greater St. Louis metro area, offering warranty and service work to every Catalina Spa owner.

Call us today to see what model is the best model for you.  Thanks for reading and we hope to see you soon.


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