Prestige Pools and Spas is the exclusive Tuff Spas hot tub dealer in the greater St. Louis metro area (scroll down to read more about "why" we choose to carry Tuff Spas below the hot tub models).   Spacious but easy, these hot tubs offer a variety of depth, dimensions and seating. The Tuff Top is the only Roto-Molded spa on the market that offers a Poly-ethylene Cover made out of the same material as the spa shell and full side access panels for easy access to all plumbing and fittings.  Made in Glendale, AZ, we are proud to carry a quality but affordable American-made hot tub.

Why should I buy a Tuff Spa? Let us show you!

Why *WE* Choose to carry Tuff Spas

A decade or so ago, sales representatives began to stop into our location to speak with us regarding a new style of hot tubs being manufactured in the industry:  Roto-mold.  Billed as a "cost-effective" alternative to traditional acrylic hot tubs, we brought in a select few tubs on a trial basis.  The results left something to be desired, and Prestige Pools and Spas quickly exited the Roto-mold market in St. Louis, as we found that "cost-effective" truly was "cheap" in every sense of the word.  As the premier hot tub dealer in St. Louis, we learned our lesson that lower price isn't always the best way to go.

In 2015, Prestige Pools and Spas looked to expand our hot tub line to offer more variety.  We visited the International Pool Spa & Patio Expo to see if there was a good fit for our clientele that fell in line with our commitment to quality.  We walked past several Roto-mold booths to visit the traditional acrylic-style hot tubs.  Though there were many options available, we didn't find the right fit in the price point we were looking into.  When circling back through the Expo we noticed the Tuff Top spa cover and walked into Tuff Spas booth.

The Tuff Top from Tuff Spas is the lightest, easiest cover in the hot tub industry. No other hot tub on the market is as light and durable while offering a lifetime warranty.

"See how easy this spa is?" was the first thing the Factory Rep mentioned.  Easy.  This caught our attention because every other Roto-mold brand that day championed "cost-effective" to anyone who'd listen.  We noticed the lightweight built in cover and were impressed with its ease of locomotion.  We learned that the cover and the one-piece shell were all made from the same material and carried a lifetime warranty on the cover and shell.  Our interest was piqued.

We quickly shifted gears to the guts of the spas.  We told the Factory Rep of our unfortunate dealings with Roto-mold hot tubs in the past and how we were extremely hesitant to even consider them as an option for our clients.  The Factory Rep understood completely.  In fact- he told us about how a decision was made at Tuff Spas 6-7 years prior to not be a Roto-mold spa but to be a great spa that is also Roto-mold.  The spa components- motors, control panels, jets, etc. - are of the same quality that most mid to high-end hot tubs use.  That clearly set them apart from every other Roto-mold manufacturer.  They wanted the decision to buy their brand of hot tubs to be easy. 


new for 2017:  Sand paneling for all tuff spa hot tub models.  Panel available in any of the 3 tuff spa color options.

Model Shown:  TT250 in MOCHA with Sand Paneling.  Unit shown without patented TUFF TOP.

They also developed the Tuff Top as the easiest cover on the market.  "Two fingers are needed to lift this cover.  Now, and in 10 years, you'll only need two fingers" the Rep said.  The cover would never take on water and never need to be replaced.  Easy.   They made the tubs all one-piece to seal in the heat and keep out the critters.  This made it able to be placed on the ground without the need for a spa pad.  Easy.   They also make all units 110v or 220v, adaptable to any situation.  Easy.

We left the Expo as the exclusive Tuff Spas dealer in the greater St. Louis metro area.  With over 30 units sold in the first half of 2016 it is clear that our clientele found this to be the right decision.


*Subject to credit approval.  Minimum monthly payments required.  
We reserve the right to discontinue or alter the terms of this offer at any time.  See store for details.