Hot Tub Life Hacks

When you own your very own hot tub, life takes on a different speed (to read about "The 7 Benefits of Owning a Hot Tub" click here).  Check out these 6 tricks that can make owning a hot tub even easier and enjoyable:

1.  Own a Tennis Ball

Sayonara, oils and heat.

Every hot tub owner should have new, fresh tennis balls.  The tennis balls effectively serve two very different purposes:
The Quicker Picker-Upper.  Better than Bounty, tennis balls can be used to pick up oils (lotions, sunscreen, body oils) from the water's surface.  Just toss one in your hot tub and let if float.  The ball is too big to become a problem for your filter system and the soft material is a natural absorbent. 

Use as a Doorstop.  Hot tubs are well insulated and protected with a thick foam cover to help deter heat loss. This is great in the winter months.  However, in the summertime your tub water can get too hot. When the temperature soars above 90 degrees this insulation can lead to problems. 

How can a tennis ball help? 

Use the tennis ball to prop open your cover. This allow the tub to vent, keeping the temperature at a comfortable level.  Be sure to monitor the evaporation level if you're venting your tub over a long period of time. 

2.  Toss Your Robe/Towel in the Dryer Before Winter Usage

If you've used a hot tub in the winter you know that getting out of the tub is the easy part:  You're still warm from the hot water and making it to the house isn't very taxing.  Its the getting from the house to the hot tub in the first place that is a challenge. 

Before you step outside in freezing temperatures, first put your robe or towel in the dryer for a few minutes. This warms it up and gives you just enough heat to get out to your hot tub.  By the time the effect wears off you'll be shoulder-deep in your hot tub and enjoying a nice massage from the jets. 

3.  pH Rise + Spa Water = Softest Hands Ever

Soft hands are the best kind of hands.

pH Rise (Sodium Carbonate) is used to increase the pH in your hot tub.  It also can be used to give you the softest hands ever. 

While standing in front of your hot tub add a Quarter to Half-Dollar-sized amount of pH Rise to your dry hand.  Submerge your other hand into the hot water.  Pull your wet hand out of the water and rub both hands together.

The sensation is instant:  You'll feel a gentle warming of your hands that is just fantastic.  After a few moments, rinse both hands in the spa water and dab them dry.  You'll now notice that your hands are incredibly soft and smooth.  You may even notice that dead skin has been removed.  Not only does the process create a fun, warming feeling that softens the skin, the granulated product also can act as an exfoliant.

4.  Buy a Raft and Use Your Spa as a Kiddie Pool.

Not everyone has the space for an in ground pool in their backyard.  Fortunately, a hot tub can still provide an oasis to enjoy the summer sun. Try turning your water temperature down (or switching the hot tub mode to ECONOMY) and go for a float on your raft.  This is a nice way to get a tan without having to go to a crowded and possibly gross public pool.

The trick is to turn the jets off and float in a diagonal fashion.  If you are indeed tanning and using tanning lotion you may need to incorporate the tennis ball trick we mentioned up top :)

5.  Date Nate Night w/o the Hassle.

The SmartBar is a perfect tablet/laptop stand.

Does this date night sound familiar?  Waiting in line for two tickets to the theater, waiting in line for popcorn and then fighting through the herd of people to get good seats.  The tickets alone cost an arm and a leg.  And what if the movie turns out to be a flop?  Is it worth it? 

Watch a movie on your laptop or tablet with your partner instead. Set your device up where you can see if from the hot tub. Then,  stream your favorite movie or TV show.  Not only is it more relaxing, but you save money AND you get a massage while watching!

BONUS: if you have Bluetooth audio you can hook your hot tub speaker system up to Surround Sound.  If you've got the gadgets, then use them to your fullest advantage. 

[If you're still considering purchasing a hot tub and this idea is now a must, check out our line of Tuff Spas- Their unique Tuff Top is perfect for your tablet/laptop to safely sit on.]

6.  Use pH Rise to Reduce Scum Line

Scum around the water line of your hot tub is inevitable.  It happens to every hot tub owner so don't take it personally the first time you see it.  But here is a little trick you can use to help remove the scum line and keep it from immediately returning...

When cleaning the scum line, grab a damp rag and apply some dry pH Rise (Sodium Carbonate) to it.  Wipe down the scum line completely.  The product will cut through the scum better than most other spa shell-friendly cleaning agents.  The scum line will stay away longer also.  Not a bad little trick, eh?

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Thank you & happy hot tubbing!


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