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Pool Openings


$350.00 – Prestige Pools & Spas will conduct a pool opening without cover in which we start-up your filter system, put in a starter package of chemicals and replace winterization parts with your standard pool equipment.

$400.00 – Reconnecting, priming and start-up of your filter system, adding of a starter package of chemicals and removal of your winter cover. The service man will set your winter cover aside so you can clean and dry it before you fold and store it for the summer. Water and debris must be removed from cover prior to our arrival. Note: Debris WILL fall into pool and be left there by our crew if NOT removed prior to our arrival.

NOT INCLUDED WITH POOL OPENINGS: Vacuuming & cleaning of your pool. When scheduling your opening, please inform us if you would like this additional service provided: Our standard fee is $200.00 per hour & requires you to overfill your pool prior to our arrival. Will be done at a later date, if we have availability.


$75.00 – Clean and check salt cell

$300.00 – Safety cover cleaning and storage (16’x32’ and under). Cover MUST be removed by Prestige Pools.

$350.00 – * Safety cover cleaning and storage (over 16’x32’). Cover MUST be removed by Prestige Pools.

$250.00 – Change sand. This must be scheduled when scheduling openings, this will take place prior to or a day of openings.

Has it been 4 or more seasons since your sand was changed in your filter? If so the best time to change your sand is prior to opening. For rates on all of the aforementioned service, contact our service dept. Please call well in advance to secure an ideal date for your pool opening without cover.


Payment in full must be made a minimum of 72 hours in advance of service date to maintain your scheduled appointment. Any returned checks are subject to a $25.00 fee. Pool water level to be at normal operational levels & leave a container of operational parts sitting poolside.

To schedule your appointment please call us at 314.821.6660 during normal business hours.



This quick form will add your e-mail address to our twice yearly Pool Opening / Closing e-mail. This e-mail serves as a reminder to schedule your pool opening / closing, and to provide you with current pricing for the year. This e-mail is sent only two (2) times a year.