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Artesian Elite Spas In St. Louis

Quality is what many manufacturers say they have. How do you distinguish what is real from all the white noise? Artesian Spas develops unique features such as Direct Flow, Switchless Motors, Crystal AOP Brilliance and DynaBrite LED to distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack. All of these features are exclusive to Artesian Spas, and all are STANDARD on our Artesian Elite hot tubs. Its one of the many reasons they were awarded the BEST IN CLASS for 2015 from We’ll put the Artesian Elite line up against any- ANY- manufacturer’s top-end line in the hot tub industry and feel confident that you’ll choose any of the below.

Artesian Elite

Choose your spa, interior and cabinet colors.

Why Choose Artesian Elite from Artesian Spas?

Direct Flow. Artesian Spas are the only hot tub manufacturer in the industry that offers Direct Flow. A variable speed motor, Direct Flow offers an innovative patented and direct plumbing system combined with the Variable Flow Control (VFC) provides each user the ultimate individual control and hydrotherapy experience. With Direct Flow, you don’t have to share the massage experience and you only need to run the therapy pump/seat that you are using, not half or the entire spa, for example. That saves energy & money over time.

Switchless Motors. Having multiple motors isn’t unique. Having multiple motors that are switchless, and feeding the various Direct Flow seats in your hot tub is. Switchless motors have 10 to 15 LESS moving parts than other hot tubs. This encourages a longer life span of your motor. Think: When was the last time you’ve had a motor go out on one of your appliances?

Diamond AOP Brilliance (Optional). Take an innovative, long-lasting ozonator, funnel it through their Dynamic Injector and send it to the ProPure Mixing Chamber and you have clean and purified spa water. When its time to repeat the process the water must first encounter microfiltration via the Qualiflo cartridge, eliminating contaminants, and then sanitization from the @ease in-line system.

DynaBrite LED. 8 large internal LED lights, 4 corner external LED lights, and illuminated PillowFall and TranquilFall water features present a marvelous ambiance for your next gathering. Or it can help you set the mood for date night with your partner.

Still need more persuasion?

As with all Artesian Spas, the Artesian Elite line is made in the USA, at their factory in Las Vegas, Nevada. Though the tub is built in America’s gaming capital, its never a gamble when you own an Artesian Spa. Their facilities are clean and well organized, with electronic processing to ensure an orderly and expeditious delivery of new spa or spa parts.

It doesn’t end with the sale either. Artesian Spas keeps a database that we, the dealer, can revisit if there is ever a need for replacement parts. This ensures that every customer will be able to have their spa serviced as long as they own it. And with a full 5 year warranty on parts AND labor, chances are your service needs are slim to none. But its still nice to know that Prestige Pools and Spas will have what you need, when you need it.

Check with any of our showroom staff to see if any of these units (or similar units) are available on our showroom floor. Contact us at 314.821.6660 or via email at for any and all of your hot tub needs.



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