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Salt Cell Cleaning**


Water Feature Closing


PLEASE NOTE: In-ground pool and spa combo is $350 extra – If you have more than one pump it is $100.00 extra per pump.

The above pricing includes:
ALL Labor & Tax ● One (1) Winterizing Kit & Antifreeze (Based on pool gallons) ● Additional chemicals designed for safety cover closing if applicable

**It is recommended to have your salt cell cleaned once per season. Cleanings consist of a 15 minute soak in muriatic acid/water solution, to allow for improved salt generation efficiency for the following season. As denoted above, we offer this service for an additional $50.00 charge.


  • Draining the water to where directed by our professional staff
  • Having ALL dirt and leaves out of the pool
  • Leaving out ALL plugs, gizmos, gigits & aqua-doors (Prestige Pools will re-use these items from the previous year)
  • Safety Covers: Have all springs attached to your safety cover
  • For best opening results: Have water chemistry balanced and pool clear of any algae
Additional Costs:
  • If replacement gizmos, plugs, gigits & aqua-doors are required additional costs will apply.
  • If the water is not drained to the proper level (as instructed by your pool professional) on the SCHEDULED day, there will be a $105.00 rescheduling fee added to the cost of your closing.
  • Safety covers: If the springs are not attached to your safety cover, there will be an additional $105.00 charge for a service tech to reattach your springs.
We DO NOT give times for closings! Service techs will be there as scheduled, WEATHER PERMITTING!

PAYMENTS are required in advance for all pool closings and openings. If the payment is not received 72 hours in advance of the scheduled service, the closing will have to be rescheduled.

Important Reminder for Vinyl Liner Pools with ThermoPlastic/Fiberglass steps:

IMMEDIATELY after closing, RAISE the water level to approx. 4”-6” below the skimmer opening to help prevent your liner from floating or wrinkling.

YOU MUST check the water levels periodically throughout the winter, especially if freezing temperatures are predicted. Ice damage is not covered under manufacturers’ warranties. Make sure you keep your pool cover free of accumulated water, leaves, and other debris. PLEASE make sure your pH and alkalinity are at the proper levels.

Prestige pools will have winter covers, pool cover pumps, winterizing chemicals, and whatever your winterizing needs may be available in our showroom.

Please call (314) 821-6660 or stop by to see Jim or Ruth to schedule your closing. If you are a new pool installation you will need to schedule the installation of your safety cover/closing with Connie. We look forward to serving you.



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