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CoverMate I

This is simply the highest quality and most sold cover lift on the market. Its time-tested performance, attractive appearance and obvious quality is apparent to everyone desiring a no-hassle cover lift.

CoverMate II

These models allow the open cover to rest lower against the spa for a slightly less-obstructed view. Depending on the mounting system, the CoverMate II can be screw-mounted low on the spa, or simply slid underneath for spas with weaker skirts using the optional Under style bracket system (sold separately).

CoverMate III

No other hydraulic cover lift offers the beauty, reliability and superior operation of the CoverMate III. The exclusive wind lock system is the only one of its kind — designed to eliminate broken shock syndrome that other hydraulic lifts experience. Combine that with an aluminum full-frame construction and our stylish composite mounting brackets, and you’re given a perfect option with no heavy lifting. Fits up to 8′ Sq. Spas / Hot Tubs.


Stain -X

Leisure Concepts DuraStep II

The DuraStep II features stylish design, strong construction and easy assembly.

Leisure Concepts SmartBar

The SmartBar comes standard with the SmartDrawer for convenient, secure storage. The SmartBar features a slip-resistant tread to keep valuables from shifting. You can safely put drinks, phones and spa accessories within arms reach with the SmartBar.

Water Brick Water Seat

The Water Brick Water Seat by Cover Valet doubles as a more comfortable spa seating alternative while increasing the seated height for shorter spa users. To ensure the seat sinks into place, a removable pouch has been included which can be filled with marbles or washed pea-gravel to increase the weight and/or height of the water seat.