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Island Spas Spas In St. Louis

Prestige Pools and Spas is the exclusive Island Elite hot tub dealer for the St. Louis metro area (scroll down to read more about “why” we choose to carry Island Elite Spas below the hot tub models). Artesian Spas‘ Island Elite line combine the traditional water delivery system with their patented DirectFlow® technology, allowing the user to actually increase or decrease motor speed (and thus, water flow) to their own comfort level. The power of massage can be individually regulated by the sophisticated engineering of two Captain Seats. Each DirectFlow® control allows you to change the high or low jet pressure, air pressure, and has an individual pump switch to turn on or off for the most unique hot tub experience available on market. No other manufacturer carries anything similar, nor do they offer the total number of motors available to maximize hydrotherapy while customizing for your needs.

Artesian Elite

120 Volt / 240 Volt Models

St. Kitts

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Why we choose to carry Island Spas by Artesian Spas

In 2015, Prestige Pools and Spas looked to expand our hot tub line to offer more variety. We visited the International Pool Spa & Patio Expo to see the very best brands in the hot tub industry, side by side. The clear choice was Artesian Spas. Here is why…

Manufactured in Las Vegas, NV, Artesian Spas caught our eyes initially with their contours. Soft, ergonomic lines impressed our staff immensely, as you will not buy a hot tub if it simply is not comfortable. We sat in their impressive booth and noted that every aspect of their floor plan was clean, efficient, classy but completely down-to-earth. As a small business, we appreciated the easy-going nature of the entire staff so we discussed their 5 tub lines to see what the best fit was for our customers.

Artesian Spas’ Booth at the 2015 International Pool Spa Patio Expo (ABOVE) and the DynaBrite LED lighting on a Grand Cayman Elite (RIGHT)

The Island Elite Spa line was the perfect fit for what we want to provide for in St. Louis: Innovative high-end quality, but at a much more reasonable price vs our in-town high-end competition. Their flagship feature, DirectFlow, was unanimously the most exciting spa technology our staff saw at the entire show. Energy-efficient variable speed motors allows the user to customize their massage to the pressure you prefer, something that no other brand offers in the industry. Island Spas’ other features (MicroSilk, Switchless Motors, Massive Warranty, etc.) firmly established Artesian Spas as our favorite brand at the Expo.

We continued to chat about the company and watched videos that showcased the assembly process. The cleanliness of the entire factory was amazing. It further entrenched the aura of sleek professionalism that Artesian Spas instills in every Island Elite model they build. We were hooked.

Grand Bahama Elite 8′ Hot Tub by Island Spas available at Prestige Pools and Spas

Grand Cayman Elite 8′ Hot Tub by Island Spas available at Prestige Pools and Spas

The Antigua Elite 7′ Hot Tub by Island Spas available at Prestige Pools and Spas

The Captiva Elite 7′ Hot Tub by Island Spas available at Prestige Pools and Spas

But before we signed on to be the exclusive Artesian Spas hot tub dealer in St. Louis, we wanted to check with other dealers to hear feedback on their experience with the company. We reached out to a dealer in Kansas City, who we later found to have carried the line since the late 90’s. They staked their own reputation on Artesian Spas, and spoke at length as to the quality of the brand and parts used, noting their service department doesn’t get many service calls. He was dismayed by that, in a tongue-in-cheek manner. We also reached out to a dealer in Lexington, KY who has been with Artesian since the beginning. They have carried the brand for over 2 decades and have also brought in other hot tub manufacturers during that time. Each time- The other brands never offered the complete package that Artesian Spas offered, each lacking in ways Artesian mastered. They said “we’d be silly not to carry them.”

As you can see, we took their advice. Island Elite Spas are now the flagship brand featured at Prestige Pools and Spas. It’s for all the right reasons: American-made, comfortable, innovative, and they just flat out look GOOD (Seriously- Check out the Sandstone and Javastone surround package. Its soooo cool).

We hope you come in and check out our product line and see why Artesian Spas is a good fit with Prestige Pools and Spas. We never wanted to be the biggest hot tub dealer in St. Louis. We just want to be the best. Artesian Spas helps us achieve this.

Check with any of our showroom staff to see if any of these units (or similar units) are available on our showroom floor. Contact us at 314.821.6660 or via email at for any and all of your hot tub needs.



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