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South Seas Spas

Prestige Pools and Spas is the exclusive South Seas Spas hot tub dealer in St. Louis (scroll down to read more about “why” we choose to carry South Seas Spas below the hot tub models). Footdomes, Pillowfalls and DynaStar LED accentuate the comfortable contouring while flexibility with jet counts and motors punctuate these mid-range marvels. We are proud to carry these American-made hot tubs from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Artesian Elite

Why *WE* Choose to Carry South Seas Spas

Our commitment to being the best hot tub dealer in the St. Louis metro area affords us to be picky: Quality over quantity has its benefits. There are many larger chain stores and/or brands that flood the market with advertising, hoping to sell the most units possible. We have always preferred to carry a better product and not spend money on marketing and pass the savings on to our customers.

But carrying exclusively quality products also has a cost. The plunging economy of 2007-08 hit the hot tub industry hard, ushering in a wave of cheaper “cost-effective” units that didn’t meet our standards. So we shied away from carrying a mid-range brand, not wanting to sacrifice our reputation. That left a void for some of our customers that we could not fill. As the market is just now starting to rebound and the industry’s overall quality in the mid-range hot tub sector has continued to rise, we once again investigated if there were any brands out there that might be good for our customers.

A rubber ducky enjoying a few glasses of wine on a South Seas Spa (above) and a picturesque setting of a South Seas Spa in our showroom (right). Stop by our location to check out pricing and options, along with ideas for installing a hot tub in your backyard today.

Prestige Pools and Spas St. Louis Showroom

We visited the International Pool Spa & Patio Expo in 2015 to see what the best of the hot tub industry had to offer. The Artesian Spas booth caught our attention immediately: It was the look and contours of the South Seas product line. No severe angles and cramped seating: Just gentle, forgiving contours and sweeping elongated loungers. Some of our taller employees were thrilled that they were able to comfortably enjoy both the lounger and the various seating arrangements as well. Simply put- If you do not fit or feel comfortable in a hot tub, you are not going to buy it. These spas were comfortable. And they were lookers, so we figured they must be all sizzle and no substance.

South Seas Spas offers the same look and feel of many high-end hot tubs on the market but at a more affordable price. Visit our showroom to have a seat in our demo models

The comfort and contours of the South Seas Spas had us hooked from the onset. No severe angles, just gently sweeping seats and loungers.

They had a half dozen or so Factory Reps on hand answering questions and passively helping out various industry personnel. We immediately identified them as one of our own, as we pride ourselves on being knowledgeable and prompt but never pushy.

We learned that the South Seas Spas hot tub line carried many of the same motors, jets, control panels, colors and skirting that their higher-end Island Elite line had. This was reassuring as most other brands’ mid-range units substitute the guts of the spas with lessor products to control costs. The Factory Reps also discussed their energy-efficiency ratings and how forward-thinking the mentality towards their entire product line is.

South Seas Spas also offers some fun features like DynaStar LED lighting and LED Pillowfalls that enhance your hydrotherapy experience. Their 3 year full warranty that covers both parts and labor capped off the presentation and reassured us that “mid-range” wasn’t a price-point spa that would damage our reputation.

We are happy to now offer what we feel is the best mid-range hot tub in the industry. Our comfort level with the quality of South Seas Spas and its parent company Artesian Spas assures us we will continue to maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Additionally- we are fortunate to even be considered for your hot tub needs so we’d love to have you in our showroom to tell our story and to show you the best that South Seas Spas has to offer.



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We reserve the right to discontinue or alter the terms of this offer at any time. See store for details.