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The Resort

The Resort is worthy of both King and Queen. Its uniquely curvaceous design delivers comfort and exceptional hydrotherapy. Multilevel seating for five includes dual Adirondack Chairs: one featuring Lumbar H.O.T. Zone jets, the other featuring Shoulder H.O.T. Zone jets, and both featuring powerful leg and foot jets. Two deep therapy seats and an entry/cooldown seat complete the layout. A Regal Whitewater-4 jet brings the total H.O.T. Zone count to three, making for a truly decadent destination!

MicroSilk ® Ready Click on the bubble for more information

MicroSilk ® Ready
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Size: 85.5″ x 85.5″ x 36″
Capacity/seating: 5
Jets: 50
Pumps: 2 pump – 400 gpm
Electrical: 240V/50
Filtration: 2 filters
Water capacity: 360 gallons
Weight dry / full: 760 / 3637 lbsMarquis Spa

US Energy Information:

Monthly cost of operation

*Based on $.109 per kW hour, 70° F average temperature.

Electrical cost based on spa use of 30 minutes duration, three times per week; filtration time of two hours two times per day (24 hour period); one hour SmartClean™ setting. 240Volt, 30-50 amp. Ask your authorized dealer or local utility for the energy rate in your area. Your cost of operation will vary depending upon personal settings of the software, frequency of use and ambient temperatures.

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