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7 Benefits To Owning A Hot Tub in St. Louis, MO

Hot tubs are flat out fun and owning one is an enjoyable experience, especially when you live in St. Louis and get to experience 4 full seasons every year. For the initiated, hot tub ownership can be entirely health-related. For others in the know, its mainly for entertainment. Who hasn’t tossed around the idea of owning a hot tub? If you are looking for ways to improve your health, your back yard or are just curious about hot tubs in general – we’ve got you covered.

7 Surprising Benefits To Owning A Hot Tub:

Ache and Pain Relief. Alleviating sore muscles, arthritis and other health-related ailments is possibly the most common reason people purchase a hot tub. Lactic acid is the main culprit behind sore or aching muscles. Hydrotherapy is a great way to break up lactic acid and provide relief! Hot tubs can help those looking for physical therapy to rehab after surgery. They are great for loosening up prior to exercising, and for getting a rub down afterwards.

Never Give a Foot Rub/Back Rub Again. Book a massage at $100 or more per session and watch the yearly costs soar. In comparison, most hot tubs run $25-$35/month. And that includes chemicals and electricity. Not only are they less expensive, there’s no wait time! You don’t have to book an appointment and you can get massages as often as you desire. The next time your partner asks for a foot/neck/back massage just jump into your hot tub. You can both enjoy without the stress and work of being the Masseur.

. . . And feet

The “AAAHHHHH” Factor. When was the last time you got out of a hot shower and said “Well that was awful”? The correct answer is never. Sometimes a great soak can change your entire mentality. Hot water opens up the pores and draws out impurities. Merely lying in hot water, even without the jets running, can ease away a headache.

Be the Hostess with the Mostess. Don’t wait for the big game to have friends and family over. Adding a hot tub expands your repertoire and makes gatherings at your house must-attend events. Hot tubs also add to the pool party experience: Let the kids enjoy the heavy activity of the swimming pool while the adults enjoy the calm and relaxation a hot tub offers.

No Pills, Prescriptions or Memberships Required. Hydrotherapy is about as natural as you can get when it comes to stress/body/ache relief. You do not have to see a doctor or be on medication, nor do you have to join a club and share a soak with others. For those who enjoy a more holistic approach, hot tubs have water features that help calm the mind. Meanwhile, the body is relaxed by the hot water and pressure from the jetted seats.

Enjoy a Romantic Evening. Hot tubs are romantic. Enjoy the bonding experience with your partner. Instead of the same old dinner and a movie routine, try a candlelit soak in the privacy of your own home.

Snow Days are the Best Days. Picture this: 20 degree weather, falling snow, and you in a hot tub in 98 degree water. This is possibly the best part about owning a hot tub. You’ll look forward to snow days for the first time since you were a kid! Seriously – You’ll laugh when your neighbors are bundled up head to toe and you’re in a bathing suit. There’s nothing like watching snowflakes fall around you while the surface of the water steams. Can you picture it?


Prestige Pools and Spas carries 3 hot tub brands that feature over 60 units available in just about every shape and size. Brands such as Catalina Spas or the Platinum Elite line or Island Elite line from Artesian Spas focus heavily on hydrotherapy, with a nod to entertainment. The South Seas line from Artesian Spas offer both therapy and entertainment-based hot tubs without breaking the bank. And our Roto-mold line of Tuff Spas are the easiest hot tubs to install and own in the industry.

Our showroom is open year-round and always showcases numerous hot tub models for you to test, wet or dry. Please contact us to speak with any hot tub questions you may have today. Happy hot tubbing and good luck moving forward!


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