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8 Benefits To Owning A TidalFit or ATV Swim Spa In St. Louis, MO


Swim spas have gained in popularity and are no longer a quirky concept in the pool and spa industry.  As this facet of the industry is still relatively new, questions persist as to what a swim spa is, what it can it do and what are the benefits for the user.  Prestige Pools and Spas, St. Louis’ exclusive Artesian Spas TidalFit and Marquis ATV swim spa dealer, would like to help you understand why a swim spa in your back yard may be the right decision to suit your exercise and entertainment needs.

1.  Healthy Living.  Swimming and aquatic exercising is one of the most efficient ways to safely burn calories.  When working out in a swim spa, more muscles work in unison (swimming) with less impact on your joints (running/walking against the current) and is a great cardio workout. This is ideal for maximizing your time spent achieving your health goals, freeing yourself up for more time to spend enjoying your day.

2. Can Be Used Year-Round.  Unlike a swimming pool in your backyard, a swim spa is able to provide you with year-round hydrotherapy and enjoyment.  In the Midwest, we are lucky to get 5-6 months of ideal weather conditions, rendering your pool dormant for 50% of its lifespan.  A swim spa not only can operate in the winter, it is thoroughly insulated to maximize efficiency and keep your energy bills affordable.

3. Its The Best Of Both Worlds.  Its not just a swimming pool.  The swim spa can heat up to the same temperature as a hot tub.  Most swim spas also have a jetted end that incorporates partial hot tub seating.  Select swim spas will even offer a separate chambered hot tub with its own water temperature and filtration system, allowing the user to operate their swim spa with two different temperatures in each chamber.  Use the pool side for exercise and the spa side for a post-workout rub down, or just for fun!

4.  No Protracted Construction Process.  When you purchase a swim spa, it can be completely installed in less than one day.  Swim spas come prefabricated from the manufacturer and are easily craned onto your property, with the total process taking only a few hours.  No months-long construction process allows you to keep your yard in order without any additional headaches.


5.  Its A Non-Permanent Structure.  Technically considered “portable,” swim spas are not a permanent structure in your back yard and can be moved at any time.  If you choose to extend your patio and move your swim spa into a different area, you have that option, unlike an in ground pool.  If you move to a new home the swim spa can be moved with you.

6.  Its A More Affordable Alternative To An In Ground Pool.  In the Midwest, in ground pools can start at twice the price of your average swim spa.  It can also incorporate many features found on an in ground pool, such as waterfalls, LED lighting and water fountains.  And it still offers the convenience of a source of fun in your own backyard.

7.  Less Maintenance Than An In Ground Pool.  You’ll never have to pay for a pool opening or closing with a swim spa.  Additionally, it is cheaper to operate in terms of chemicals and energy than most of your average sized in ground pools.  You won’t have to deal with the hassles of vacuuming your swim spa as the filter system is built in and the swim spa stays covered when not in use.  This also protects your water from the elements, further reducing water chemistry maintenance costs.

8.  You Get To Keep Your Yard.  Green space is important and with a Swim Spa you will be able to conserve more green space than an average sized in ground pool, so the kiddos have plenty of space to play in your backyard.  Swim spas also fit in smaller, tighter yards and are an excellent fall back plan if you’re unable to fit an in ground swimming pool on your lot.  If you have a house in the city with a smaller, narrower lot, a swim spa is likely to be the only option for you.

Still not convinced?

Come check out our showroom  and one of our knowledgeable staff members can show you our numerous swim spa models.  If you’d like to schedule a wet test please contact us at least 24 hours in advance and we’d be happy to oblige.  To see what swim spas we offer and for a gallery of swim spas we’ve installed, click here.

From the entire staff at Prestige Pools and Spas:  Thank you and happy hot tubbing (and swim spa-ing)

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