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@ease: A Really Cool Spa Sanitization System



New is not always better. As a retailer I am approached frequently about new sanitization systems that are going to make my customer’s daily hot tub routine much easier all while increasing my bottom line. I listen to the salesman’s pitch, nod my head and politely decline- Their systems are usually either complicated, expensive, or just a another way of doing something my customers are already doing, or all three.

So when @ease was first shown to me at the 2015 International Pool, Spa & Patio Expo, I was not enthused but I listened anyway because because it never hurts to be polite. I am glad my parents raised me with good manners because I quickly learn that @ease is a really cool spa sanitization system.


@ease is a chlorine-based sanitization system (Yes- the term “chlorine” may have already turned you off but stay with me, you’ll want to hear this) that has the benefits of a salt system, the (no pun intended, kinda) ease of a tablet floater and price-point of a Nature 2 system.

The product is sold as an in-line system (currently, only Artesian Spas, Caldera Spas, and Marquis Spas offer an in-line system) or as an after-market floater (as shown in the image above). The product is a 2-part component: Chlorine (the SILVER half of the floater, or the SILVER cartridge on in-line systems) and Mineralizer (the BLUE half of the floater, or the BLUE cartridge on the in-line systems). The chlorine component lasts one month whereas the mineral component lasts 4 months.


@ease is completely new: Though it is indeed a form of sodium di-chlor, it doesn’t act like a traditional granulated chlorine where both chlorine atoms (hence the “di” in “di-chlor”) are activated once the product dissolves. Instead one atom is released and one atom is stored in reserve. Think: Free Chlorine and Total Chlorine for all you pool owners out there. This keeps a healthy reservoir of chlorine in reserve while your active chlorine stays at 0.5- 1.0ppm. For context- That is the same level of chlorine as the tap water here in St. Louis, MO.

The DCDMH was tested for over 6 years before it even hit the market, so a lot of very smart people did their homework to ensure this is actually different from everything else out there. This patented product is only available from @ease and there is nothing else out there that is comparable.

Benefits: As it keeps a low Free Chlorine level, your skin is not dried out. This is a benefit not unlike a salt system. The in-line option from select manufacturers is a nice feature if you’re buying a new tub. But if you’re already a spa-owner, the round floating option has the benefits of a chlorine tablet dispenser but without the harsh and noxious chlorine gas build-up and odor.

If you’re still not sold then here is the kicker: When you use the tub, the chlorine levels do not fall off a cliff. Instead, the Free Chlorine levels pulls from the Total Chlorine reservoir, keeping a continuous 0.5- 1.0ppm Free Chlorine level. That is less than the required chlorine level on a salt system (and if you didn’t know by now- salt systems are indeed chlorine systems so do not be fooled). Not only is that a pretty cool feature, the system can hold its own when heavy bather loads are involved. As the reserves can reach 10- 15ppm, there is always plenty of inactive Total Chlorine ready to be activated so you can keep the party going without worrying about low sanitizer levels or cloudiness afterwards.

@ease in-line chlorine and mineral combo.

@ease in-line chlorine replacements.


Spa Frog (the manufacturer of @ease) and Nature 2 are two of the most common mineral cartridge systems on the market today. The mineral component of the @ease is very similar to those two product but with a caveat: It is specifically formulated to work with the DCDMH. It is in the minerals’ nature to establish the low Free Chlorine equilibrium. Think of it as the conduit between the Free Chlorine and the Total Chlorine.

Benefits: When working together with the chlorine side, the mineral side will kill approximately half of the bacteria. This also helps your chlorine last longer.

Other Cool Features and Benefits

  • If you have the floater, the ball will tip over upside down when its expired. That is pretty neat as you don’t have to check inside the floater, add something to it, or mess with it in any way other than replacing the halves when necessary.
  • Its really soft on the skin. We’ve not only gotten this feedback first-hand from numerous users of this product, we’ve even had a customer with bad eczema who switched over to @ease from Nature 2 and is thrilled with the results: After one week of usage he no longer had dry skin and his rashes went away. It didn’t irritate the areas of his skin that had signs of his condition either.
  • @ease provides their own test strips that reflect proper chemistry levels that are ideal specifically your @ease system. Generic chlorine test strips will mislead you with its ideal settings and are not recommended for this system. Additionally- replacement test strips are priced competitively so you’re not price-gouged either. Woot!
  • As noted above, you’re not going to be inundated with a heavy chlorine odor when you remove your hot tub cover.
  • This system is great for those who will have gaps in hot tub maintenance due to vacation, jobs that require travel, etc.
  • Not only was this product developed and tested over a 6 year time frame, the company that produces it is King Technology, who has long been established in the water chemistry industry.

What to Watch For

Nothing- NOTHING- on the market is maintenance-free: You’ll always have to do some form of upkeep when it comes to water chemistry. @ease makes it very, very easy but you will still have to do some form of upkeep:

  • pH/alkalinity balance is imperative with this system, as it is with every. single. water care system on the market. For best results keep you pH between 7.4- 7.8.
  • Add “Jump Start” (@ease’s version of shock) to the tub once a month. If you routinely have heavy bather loads, you may need to increase the frequency but as of yet I have not had an issue with my customer-base in this area.
  • If you have the floating system be careful to not let either half of the floater dry out completely. If you do the chlorine side can gum up the vents and block the sanitizer from getting into the water. The mineral cartridge is spent all together if it dries out and will have to be replaced.

Any More Questions?

Feel free to contact us for any additional questions you may have about the product, or if you’re interested in pricing by calling 314.821.6660 or emailing us at

Happy Hot-Tubbing!

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