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Very “punny,” but a very good sanitation system, ENJOY! is a low chlorine alternative for your above ground or smaller in ground swimming pool.  Simple to implement and easy to execute, ENJOY! might be an option if you are looking for an alternative to the standard chlorine tablet system.  But what is it?

80% Less Chlorine

Two components make up the ENJOY! system: Mineral tablets and “Once-A-Week” shock packets.  The mineral tablets (active ingredient: Silver) are what a call the “passive sanitizer” in that it will keep the water clear during the day-to-day usage.  These contain no chlorine and is why ENJOY! is a more natural substitute to chlorine.  The tablets are dissolved in the skimmer and will last one month.  That’s it.

The “Once-A-Week” packets are the equivalent to normal pool shock.  This component will oxidize the build-up from day to day usage by overloading the system with chlorine in the same manner as pool shock.

ENJOY! comes in one month supplies kits for 10,000, 15,000, 20,000 & 30,000 gallon pools.

What’s So Different?

Standard tap water has (roughly) 0.5-1.0ppm of chlorine in it.  Most chlorine tablet systems require a 1.0-4.0ppm chlorine level to adequately keep your water clear and sanitized.  Since the ENJOY! utilizes a mineral tablet, the only chlorine you will add to your water is your “Once-A-Week” packet.  Thus, if you have a traditional 4-In-1 test kit, your chlorine reading will always test low to zero.  Additionally, you do not have to continuously add tablets to your floater or chlorinator.  Just drop in the tablets and when they dissolve (usually within a day or so) you’re all set for the month.

The ENJOY! sanitation system comes in convenient one month supply kits for pools consisting of 10,000, 15,000, 20,000 & 30,000 gallons.  If you have, say, a 10,000 gallon pool you can buy a 30,000 gallon kit and use it as a 3 month supply and save for bulk purchasing.

Like all sanitation systems you still have to maintain pH and alkalinity on a regular basis.

Yes- You still have to adjust pH and alkalinity regularly.  But it is still a great system!

Is There a Catch?

While there is nothing tricky about the system, it may not be ideal for all situations.  It isn’t as cheap as using the standard chlorine tablets to sanitize your pool but to be fair, nothing is.  But it can get rather pricey for in ground pools greater than 20,000 gallons.  Being cost-effective is something more consumers are elevating to the top of their priority list with more and more consumers doing their shopping online.

But if you have a smaller in ground pool or an above ground pool and am looking to switch to a sanitizer that has less chemicals and is softer on the skin, ENJOY! is worth investigating.  And since it is chlorine-based, you do not need to drain your water to enact this sanitizing system.

Gimmie Please!

You can get your very own supply of ENJOY! by purchasing from our showroom.  If you’d like to see other chemicals we offer, click here.   For any questions you may have feel free to contact us.

Happy swimming and good luck moving forward.

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