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Holiday Gift Ideas for In Ground Pool (and Hot Tub) Owners

Make tee time anytime with a floating golf game.

Every year we make the mad dash for last minute gifts that we put off or forgot about. It happens to us all at one point or another. When this happens options can be limited. But if the person you’re buying for owns an in ground pool or hot tub, here are some gift ideas that aren’t the same-old, same-old…


You don’t have to be a scratch golfer to appreciate this pool game pictured above (and if you don’t know what “scratch golfer” means, know that its someone who’s really good at golf). It floats, which ads to the enjoyment (and difficulty) and half the fun is retrieving the balls (which are Velcro!).

And you’re not “wedged” (pun intended) into strictly pool season with this fun toy, as you can use it in the yard as well as with your pool. I’ve personally given this game as a gift and it was well-received.

Some big box stores may carry this game but I’ve found this item to be easily purchased and delivered via Here is a link if you’re interested purchasing it.


There can never be enough floats. Likely the most purchased used pool toy, many people burn through them simply from wear and tear. But the value in this purchase is time of year: Big box stores do not have any pool toys in their inventory. Pool Stores may have limited inventory but whatever is left will likely be on clearance. This is a great way to get a gift that almost certainly will get plenty of mileage out of it at a very reasonable cost.

My personal favorite are pool floats made of neoprene. If you’re unfamiliar with the term- its the thick, spongy material that makes these type of floats one of the longest-lasting floats on the market. But with quality comes cost: Most can run $100 or more. We typically have a few different types available in our showroom, all of which usually run in the $80-$90 range.

If the above floats are too pricey or just not what you’re looking for, the same logic applies: Any excess inventory a pool and spa store may have will be clearanced out, ready for you to take advantage of great deals. For instance: Prestige Pools and Spas has your traditional air mattress floats for as low as a few dollars. These can be great stocking-stuffers if you’re looking to accent a larger gift-giving experience.


As smartphones are now in just about everyone’s pockets these days, streaming music is easier and more prevalent than ever. When that happens, ingenuity follows. Take this floating, waterproof Bluetooth speaker: What a neat gift. This is another item that I have personally gifted (and used) to a loved one. It works, as long as you keep the speaker in range (up to 100′) and the ambient noise isn’t too loud.

The only downside (and I use that term very liberally) is that it is a piece of equipment. And like all equipment it can be damaged. Be sure to set rules with the kiddos about tossing it around and roughhousing with it. Other than that- this is a great gift idea. Check it out here.


For the hot tub owners, aromatherapy is a nice enhancement to any hydrotherapy experience. Most hot tub stores or pool stores that have hot tub chemicals will carry aromatherapy products that are approved for any hot tub. Most products are either a liquid or crystal. I recommend crystals as you tend to get more applications for the money.

Deep tissue massage and aromatherapy are just excellent together.  Crystals (left) are generally going to be a better value, but there is a liquid alternative from Spazazz as well (above.  Jar of honey and beautiful mangos are not included, unfortunately).
Deep tissue massage and aromatherapy are just excellent together. Crystals (left) are generally going to be a better value, but there is a liquid alternative from Spazazz as well (above. Jar of honey and beautiful mangos are not included, unfortunately).

Spazazz is the product we carry at Prestige Pools and Spas. I flat out like this product. 17oz containers (pictured above) run under $20 per bottle and you can get approx 15-20 applications.

Aromatherapy crystals won’t alter the water chemistry and will wear off after 15 minutes or so. They come in a many different scents so finding the right one should be relatively easy (We generally stock 6-8 different types that all sell equally well).


Lush and luxurious, its never a bad idea to get an in ground pool or hot tub owner something made of terrycloth. Beach towels or robes made of this material makes one feel as if they are on vacation in their own backyard. Both items are versatile enough to be used for more than just their pool or spa.

As a bonus- Consider getting some flip flops that are the same color. They are a nice add-on and shouldn’t set you back too much. If not flip flops, maybe some cool sunglasses, no?


You can work up quite a thirst sitting in the glorious sun or relaxing in 98 degree hot tub water. Tumblers are perfect for keeping liquids cool and keeping your pool and spa area safe as they are made out of material that resists fracturing. And again- You can get some good mileage out a tumbler for not a lot of money and can use it just about anywhere else outside of the pool and spa area.

Gift Cards!

When all else fails, when you have no idea what to get them but you think that you indeed want to get them something related to their pool and spa, just get them a gift card. Trust me: They will be thrilled to get it and will use it. They may decide to use it on pool supplies or accessories instead of toys and games, but it will be used nonetheless and you’ll be much appreciated.

Can We Help?

If this article piqued your interest and are looking to see what holiday gift ideas we may have available for you, feel free to email, call or stop in.

Thanks again for your continued support and good luck moving forward.

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