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Hot Tubs! Here is Whats New in St. Louis…

Prestige Pools and Spas St. Louis Showroom

The new South Seas Spas line is pretty sharp and MADE IN THE U.S.A.!

As the market for hot tubs is beginning to pick up to pre-2008 numbers nationwide Prestige Pools and Spas has brought on 3 new hot tub product lines to better compete in the St. Louis market.

For 2016, Prestige Pools is excited to announce that we now are carrying hot tubs from Artesian Spas (Island Elite Spas and South Seas Spas) and a roto-mold line of hot tub line from Tuff Spas.

We did not make this decision lightly and chose these specific brands after much research and scrutiny on the future of the hot tub industry, the needs of our clients and the values of Prestige Pools and Spas.  We are proud to be the biggest and most award winning pool company in St. Louis.  But we also must provide brands and products that adhere to our rigorous standards of quality.


Island Elite Spas

Artesian Spas immediately caught our attention with both their looks and their unique energy-efficient features.  Manufactured in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Island Elite Spas line are a high-end product with more of a mid-range price that our competition cannot match.  DirectFlow and switchless motors are unique energy-efficient standard features that can only be found exclusively with Artesian Spas, and only available at Prestige Pools and Spas in you are in the greater St. Louis metro area.

The 7′ Antigua Elite from Island Spas

South Seas Spas

South Seas Spas (pictured at the top of the page) are also manufactured by Artesian Spas in Las Vegas, Nevada and offer a great variety of affordable hot tubs with that continue the bold look and feel of the Island Elite product line.  Gentle contours, streamlined plumbing and multiple jet and pump options gives our customers the flexibility to identify the right tub for them at the right price.  And each South Seas hot tub is efficient, with an estimated $16 monthly energy cost.

Tuff Spas

Roto-mold spas are the newest edition to the hot tub industry and are just flat-out fun.  Able to be placed anywhere without the need of a concrete slab, Tuff Spas are as convenient as they come.  They are available in 110v and 220v and have the easiest cover to operate on the market.  And of course it is American-made, as it is manufactured in Glendale, Arizona. Ask a salesperson about the spa’s components and price and you just might walk out of the store with one today!

The Tuff Spa TT250 in “Contmeporary” color scheme.


If you’re in the market for a new hot tub we encourage you to give our new products a try when considering your purchase.  Our showroom typically features a dozen of so spas, showcasing many sizes, features, colors, options and layouts to ensure you find the perfect tub for you and your family.  Our highly trained staff of in-house service technicians are available for all of your warranty needs. And every hot tub purchase comes with a free in-store chemical class to help you keep your spa water clean and clear all year long.

The ownership and staff of Prestige Pools and Spas would like to thank you again for your decades of continued business and support.  We are “St. Louis’ Most Award-Winning Pool Company” solely because of you, and we hope that these new product lines help us to continue to serve all of your hot tub needs.

Happy hot tubbing and good luck moving forward,

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