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In Ground Pool Buyer’s Guide

Having an in ground pool installed is an endeavor that you can easily navigate by following the suggestions we have laid out below.

Buyer’s Guide Information

Any construction project starts with information gathering. Building an in ground pool is no different. In the greater St. Louis metro area, central and southern Illinois, St. Charles and Jefferson counties, and the outlying areas, builders big and small have varying opinions as to which swimming pool is the best. To figure out what is best for you and your family, we have compiled some basic questions, the answers to which will point you in the right direction. After all: Buying a new in ground pool should be the beginning of an extremely fun endeavor.

Here are some helpful tips if you’re shopping a vinyl liner, fiberglass, or gunite in ground pool in St. Louis and the surrounding areas…


Everything begins and ends with this. Without knowing where easements/setbacks, sewer liners, power lines, etc. are, we can only guess as to where we can build your pool and how much space you have to build on. Plot Plans/Site Surveys can usually be found with your financing papers from the title company when you purchase(d) the house.

If you do not have these things, a survey company can be hired to conduct one. In addition, it is recommended that you have any underground power lines marked off by a professional company, like the one found here.


We promise: There is never a bad time to plan for your new in ground pool. If you’re building a new house, we can use your plot plan/sight survey to help design your pool area. The same is true if you’re in the process of buying an existing home. If you’re planning for a new pool for a few years down the line, getting an estimate will clarify the expectations and expenses that you’ll eventually incur, allowing you to further plan for your backyard dream.

In fact- Many people start too late when looking into having a pool installed. As Missouri’s most award winning pool company, we are fortunate to always have a continuous flow of new clients awaiting new in ground pool construction. So give yourself a realistic time-frame: If you’re calling us around Memorial Day looking to have your pool built by Independence Day you’re going to be disappointed. Instead, you should….


Smaller companies or individual builders are known to make big promises, saying they’re “cheaper and faster.” The truth is: They don’t have to stake their reputation to anything they say and are typically not accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Cheaper typically means they’ll build with less quality materials or leave your pool with equipment that is ill-fitting for an in ground pool. Faster typically means cutting corners in the construction process.

Is it worth it to have an in ground pool- something that will be a part of your home for decades- to be built swiftly but at the expense of quality? Or would you prefer to wait just a little longer to have your pool built the right way, using the right equipment?

Established brands will always be around to be held accountable. A reputable in ground pool company will be a member of the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP). Belonging to this organization ensures that it is a business that adheres to LOCAL, STATE, and INTERNATIONAL building codes. Additionally, APSP members have a code of ethics that they must abide by, and are more open to the realistic time frame of the process and everything that is entailed with it.

Make sure any in ground pool builder that you’re interested in doing business with are members of both of these organizations.  There is a reason some companies are “fly-by-night” while other companies are established and reputable.
Make sure any in ground pool builder that you’re interested in doing business with are members of both of these organizations. There is a reason some companies are “fly-by-night” while other companies are established and reputable.


Common misconceptions include:

  • “My neighbor has a fiberglass pool so that is the only thing I am interested in.”
  • “My parents had a gunite pool growing up so that is what I am going to get.”
  • “A coworker had a bad experience with [specific pool type] so I definitely don’t want that.”

The common thread to all three of these statements is that none of those apply to YOUR backyard, based on YOUR needs. Every single situation is unique so don’t pre-disqualify any option before you speak with a pool builder who specializes in building all three types of in ground pools.

Consider: If an in ground pool company only builds fiberglass pools, can you guess what type of in ground pool they’re going to recommend for your backyard? A specialist who builds all pool types will be able to tell you the pros and cons of each pool type and how that can affect your specific situation. This helps you understand that you should…


Piggybacking on the previous points made above, if, say, a diving board-depth pool isn’t recommended for your situation by a reputable company, there is probably a good reason for it. Sometimes the pool you envision isn’t the pool that fits in your yard, or is feasible, or even able to be put in. That does not mean you’re not going to be satisfied with the outcome or will be “settling” when it comes to your own backyard project.

A creative and talented in ground pool specialist will be able to envision the perfect pool for your backyard based on your wants and needs. They’ll show you features that you may not have even known existed, let alone know that it’s an option for you. A reputable pool company will let you know that…


Built-in/spillover hot tubs, water features such as shear descents and deck jets, fire pits, fire bowls, pool houses with a bar/entertainment area, exotic landscaping…. There are numerous ways to enhance your pool and backyard area to maximize your daily relaxation and enjoyment. For more inspiration check out our water features section of our gallery. Additionally, be sure to review all of the different in ground pool galleries for inspiration.


There are 3 ways to get in touch with an in ground salesperson to have any questions answered and to get a free in-house consultation and free in ground pool estimate:

1. Give Us A Call. Dial us up at 314.821.6660 during normal business hours. If one of our in ground pool specialists is not available we’ll have them reach out to you, typically within 24 hours of your initial contact.

2. Stop By Our Store. See over 300 local, national, and international in ground pool and hot tub awards from the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP) and its predecessor, the National Spa and Pool Institute (NSPI), that litter almost every inch of our walls!

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