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Eric & Patti L.


After much research and shopping, my husband and I bought a swim spa from Prestige Pools and Spas in Sunset Hills. We spent a few evenings there talking with Chad and Paul, and also swam in two of their display models. Paul and Chad were both very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. After making our decision, they guided us through the whole process from purchasing it to its delivery to our home, 50 miles west of St. Louis.
They ordered our Tidal Fit 15 ft. Artesian swim spa, and like they said, it arrived about 5 weeks later. Soon after ordering it, they had a tech from Two Men and a Spa Dolly come to our home to look over our property to get a better idea of how to safely deliver our swim spa, as we live in an old rock quarry surrounded by woods.
After a couple of days we put water in it but were hesitant to “get it started” ourselves, as it is our first pool. Talked with Chad soon afterwards and he said he would be glad to come out and help us. He did the next day and spent two hours with us. It was great and very helpful and we swam that evening!
When he left, he told us to call him or the store if we had any concerns or questions and he/they would be glad to help us. I have reached out a couple of times to them and they have been quick to respond and seemed glad to help.
Our experience with Prestige Pools and Spas has been great from beginning to end. We and our family love our new swim spa and have found it easy to maintain. We feel it is very well constructed and beautiful! We couldn’t be happier!

–Eric & Patti L.  

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