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Its that time of year again (YAY!): Time to remove that depressing pool cover, fire up your filter system, and get your swimming pool opened and running. Okay now what? This is is the point in which you take inventory of what you have, what you need, what you expect to need, and what you need to toss out. Lets review:


Most liquids like Majestic Blue (above) have a shelf life of up to 2 seasons, with being used up in the first season preferred.

Were they stored in a cool, dry location? If the answer is “yes” then the products you have from last year are likely good for this season. Not sure how old your chemicals are?

If it is a liquid product (algaecide, clarifier, etc) it is preferred that you use them up by the second season at the latest. Liquids tend to lose their potency after year one so don’t keep a large inventory on hand if you don’t think you’ll use it. [**Liquid chlorine/shock only has a 90 day shelf life. If you have some left over from last year, it is no longer good. Add to your pool once your filtration system is running to dispose of the remaining liquid.]

If it is a granular or tablet product (pH rise, chlorine tablet, etc) it can last many seasons (again- if stored in a cool, dry location). These products tend to stay good for several years. If you notice that a container begins to turn brittle or dry-rot, the product is likely spent and not suitable for use.


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Liquid Shock
1 Case (4- 1 gallon containers) pool chemical A shock treatment is a high concentration of chlorine that drastically raises the chlorine level for a short time to keep pool water safe and clean. Liquid Shock is available in a case of (4) 1 gallon containers. Liquid Pool Shock  has a shelf life of only 90 days. CHECK OUT OUR PRODUCTS PAGE HERE.

Now that you understand how long products last turn your attention to your buying habits.  To better manage your inventory, keep track of products used (and money spent) for an entire year.  This will be an invaluable resource for the coming years:  You’ll have a read on what you are using and can therefor buy in bulk in necessary.  As with anything, buying in bulk is always preferred as you will save money and time.  This also aids in keeping your inventory sleek, reducing the likelihood of having potentially perishable inventory over the winter.

Test kit reagents should be replaced every season to ensure the most accurate testing results.  Everything you do with your water chemistry is based on test results, and if the results are compromised by the faulty reagents you’re in for a long, frustrating, and costly season.

O-Rings and seals require maintenance as well.  A non-silicone based product (we carry Magic Lube) will help with the not only the o-ring’s ability to seal but it can also elongate the product’s lifespan.  Check your o-rings and seals on your pumps, motors, chlorinators, multiport valves, etc and apply a product such as Magic Lube for optimal operating conditions of your pool equipment.


When you’re finished applying sealants to your o-rings, take a moment to inspect your equipment as well.  Equipment may not show their faults when operating:  For instance- leaks formed on the suction-side of the process tend to not drip.  When the equipment is dry it is easier to identify cracks in your equipment.

Places to check on your equipment is on the strainer housing and lid, pump housing, and filter tank.  Its also recommended to check for water stains around where any of your seals are located to confirm leakage.  Be sure to investigate the mechanical seal between the pump housing (wet end) and your motor (dry end).  Mechanical seals is one of the main reasons motors fail.  Replacing a faulty seal costs under $20, whereas motors tend to run several hundred dollars.


Good luck with your pool opening.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact


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