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Pool Closing Preparation- What to Do?

Auto cover from CoverStar makes closing your pool easy. But what if you need more help than just covering your pool?


Closing your in ground pool is the most important aspect of owning a pool, in our opinion.  The amount of things that can go wrong (and more importantly, the cost of fixing these things) can be staggering if your pool is not properly closed.  Virtually every aspect of your pool must be accounted for before the winter arrives and its effects are felt.  Do you know what to do?


Plan Ahead

Establishing a date for your pool very important to the pool closing process:  If you wait until the last minute to schedule a date you’re likely to get the most unappealing date that is left open.  Please make sure you call at least one month in advance prior to your desired date, but calling upwards of two months out is preferred.

When planning on having us (or another company) close your in ground pool, know the exact services that are provided and what you will have to provide on your own.  We here at Prestige Pools will close your pool in its entirety and will even install your cover for our standard fee.  However, in certain cases you may have to adjust the physical water level of your pool.  If you have water features additional fees may apply so be sure to know exactly what services are provided and what is not covered and are additional charges.


Pick the Right Company

When selecting your pool closing provider make sure they are reputable.  The single most important aspect of closing your pool is to make sure all plumbing lines are winterized correctly.  Most reputable companies in the St. Louis area will guarantee the integrity of all plumbing lines every year they close the pool in succession after the first year.  If a line becomes compromised due to faulty winterization techniques, the line must be dug up and replaced.  The issue may be compounded if you have to also remove the concrete decking in order to replace the plumbing in question.  Fly by night companies may not be around long term to back up their work.  More established companies may charge more but will offer more security and quality workmanship.

Another benefit of using a more established company is they may have a larger inventory of various pool closing parts that may be employed when closing your in ground pool.  This is helpful especially if you have forgotten to leave out the standard closing pieces such as return plugs, gigits, gizzmos, pillows, etc. that are necessary to properly close your pool.


Don’t Let Issues Fester

Just because your pool is being closed doesn’t mean problems will just go away, or that “next year” is the best time to deal with them.  If your motor is going out its not certain that it will be the same price next year.  This is especially true with the rebates available currently being offered in St. Louis when upgrading to a variable speed pump (for an earlier blog about variable speed pumps click here).

If you’re putting off a liner replacement you may want rethink that:  The opening season is both hectic due to the rush to open your pool and with the unpredictability of the Spring weather.  It might be better to have your old liner replaced towards the end of Summer just to avoid the opening season complications.

Continuing to maintain your salt system is of long term importance.  Having cell cleaned once a season helps elongate its life.  If you have not had it cleaned yet this year, be sure to have it cleaned before you close.  Six months of “out of sight, out of mind” is never helpful when trying to assess the state of your pool equipment in the early Spring.

And if your water is green, closing chemicals will not clean it up.  The state in which it is closed is the absolute best it will be when its opened.


Be Sure You’re Helping, and NOT Hindering

When in doubt, go the extra step to ensure your pool is closed properly.  Make sure all closing components are out and *readily available* for your pool technician.  Have the water level dropped the night before (if that is necessary for your type of pool) so that you’re not charged extra for time and labor for the company to drain your water.

Over the winter, don’t blindly add shock to help keep your pool clear.  While in theory you may think you’re doing yourself a favor.  But if you have a liner pool (as most in St. Louis do) you’re likely going to bleach out your liner, as the water is not circulating.


Lets Schedule your Closing

Feel free to email us or contact the Service Department for available dates and for any additional questions regarding your closing. .

Good luck moving forward,

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