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Prologue: We at Prestige Pools and Spas are pleased to unveil our freshly rebuilt website, with revamped portions such as our Galleries, Products Page, Service Page and a completely new feature: This Blog! The purpose of this blog is to help provide relevant content as a tool for teaching, informing and guiding our pool and spa customers. In the coming weeks and months, we plan on providing topical information that dovetails with the seasonal needs of our industry.

As we debut this blog in March, and as this is our first entry, it is fitting that the topic at hand is the best preparation and execution of opening your pool for the pending pool season.


There is no preferred date for opening your swimming pool. Each month of the spring presents its own unique opportunities and pitfalls when considering the right date to open your pool. Trees shedding gumballs, helicopters, etc. and flowers covering every surface with pollen can frustrate homeowners into preferring to wait to uncover your pool until a date closer to summer. Additionally, chaotic temperatures and precipitation can increase the difficulty in balancing your pool’s water chemistry, increasing time and money spent to get your pool up and running while exhausting your patience.

However, by getting an early start to the season, homeowners sometimes are able to ward off an ugly, green pool opening, saving yourself both time and money. Many pool owners prefer to lengthen their overall swimming season by uncovering their pool in March or April. Sometimes it’s just nice to have that pool cover removed and to see your pool running again. This helps one shed the yoke of winter and gets you mentally focused on spring and the things to come.

Prime Your Pump and Fire It Up

Before you take the necessary steps to open your pool, if your filter system needs to be cleaned, sand needs to be replaced, or salt system needs to be tuned up, it’s preferred to have that completed before getting your system primed and ready to go.

Once your pool is refilled to the proper operational level, have your lines primed (for a tutorial on how to prime your pump, click here) and fire up your pool pump. If your pool water is green/brown/black in appearance, add 3-5x the normal amount of shock to help clarify the pool.

We prefer to allow your filter system to turn over your water for approx. 24hrs before testing water chemistry, as the fresh water and older pool water need time to mix, and failure to do so may trigger false chemistry readings.

Balancing pH

Balancing your pH and alkalinity is where you start in most cases, with salt and stabilizer (cyanuric acid) adjustments being made if necessary, as they do not affect pH/alkalinity.  From there, if you have any lingering clarity issues, shocking your pool will be more effective with a balanced pH/alkalinity.  Finally, additional products such as calcium hardness, metal removers, etc. can be applied once your pool is completely balanced.

Sounds easy, right?  If you’re a new pool owner or are still in your first years of owning a pool, we know this can be challenging.  But, we here at Prestige Pools and Spas are always available to assist you in every step of the process.  We offer pool openings, pool cleanings, weekly pool maintenance, free water chemistry analysis and advice.  If you would like to schedule a pool opening, click here to email the Service Department.  If you have additional questions about water chemistry, you can reach our Showroom employees at 314.821.6660 or email us at

Here When You Need Us

The ownership and staff of Prestige Pools and Spas would like to thank you again for your decades of continued business and support.  We are “St. Louis’ Most Award-Winning Pool Company” solely because of you, and we hope that this blog, like our revamped website, helps us to continue to serve all of your pool and spa needs.

Happy Swimming and good luck moving forward,

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