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Pros & Cons of an Early Pool Opening

“When do people normally open their pool?” is a question we hear a lot from people who are new to pool ownership. The typical response is some form of “any time from March to June.” That’s a four month window- I know. But there are many pros and cons of an early pool opening. Here is a brief breakdown of why you should (or should not) open your pool early:


Elongate The Pool Season. Sometimes you just want to swim more. As the majority of pool owners close their pools in September, an opening in, say, March, allows for up to 8 months of swimming. That is very hard to accomplish here in the Midwest. So if you’re looking to get the most out of a pool season, this is the way to go.


Elongate The Pool Season. In this instance, there is literally a pro and con to elongating the pool season: More overall cost. Consider: More hours of operation equates to more electricity, more wear and tear on equipment, more chemicals used, more time spent on maintaining the pool (sweat equity or otherwise), and so on so forth. And all of that stuff costs money.


Increase The Odds Of A Clear Opening. The longer you wait to open your pool, the more your winter chemicals will burn off, leaving your water unsanitized. Warm, uncirculated water is prime breeding areas for algae. By getting a headstart on this your odds increase of a clear (or clearer) opening.


Pollen. Boy does pollen wreak havoc on a pool. Sometimes you walk outside and the entirety of your backyard is covered in a thin sheet of yellow-green nastiness. So you get out the hose and spray off your deck and patio furniture, skim the pool’s surface, and empty out the strainer baskets. Done. The next day and everything is again covered in a thin sheet of yellow-green nastiness. Ugh.


Mental Alleviation. Looking outside at a sad and covered pool isn’t ideal. Repeat that for 6 months or so and it is a total bummer. “I am so ready for spring to get here” is something you’ve probably uttered in the winter but rarely can you do anything about it. This is one rare occurrence when you beat mother nature to the punch, in a sense.


Inconsistent Weather. Its cold. Its rainy. Its snowy? Its its hot. And that may all happen in a span of a week or so. That can be taxing on your water chemistry and clarity, and on your nerves.


Preferred Opening Date. Early bird does indeed get the worm when you both schedule your pool opening and open your pool early. Get a head start on your spring by starting out early.


If you’re looking to schedule a pool opening please feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email:

314.821.6660 or

Thanks for reading and happy swimming!

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