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Valentine’s Day is Great for Hot Tubs

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and every year you’re bombarded with the same things:  Roses, chocolate, fancy dinner, teddy bears.  After a while, those things get boring (and in the case of chocolate, its unhealthy!) and you and your partner simply go through the motions.

Why not be different?  Shake things up.  LIVE A LITTLE!

Its time to break the cycle.  Hot tubs are a great alternative to same old “Date Night” you’ve planned and executed since you were first dating.  When you own a hot tub, you don’t need to make a reservation, need to squeeze into your fancy suit, and find a babysitter.  And you certainly don’t have to do anything other then decide on which jets your body is going to be peppered with soothing deep tissue massages.  Still aren’t convinced?  Consider all the boxes hot tubs check when it comes to Valentine’s Day:


Cupid had it easy:  Aim an arrow and hit a target and POOF! its love.  For the rest of us mere mortals, we need to be able to set the mood.  Today’s hot tubs have many features besides hot water that help you do just that.

LED lighting always creates the perfect ambiance for a soothing and relaxing time with your significant other.  Most, if not all hot tub brands nowadays, have an LED lighting option that run the color spectrum gamut.  Check out several cool lighting features from Artesian Spas here.

To further enhance the experience, add a dash of Pina Colada, Mimosa, or Tropical Rain aromatherapy crystals from Spazazz.  The aromatic fragrance not only has an appealing scent but also assists in stress relief and can (in certain cases) act as an anti-inflammatory.  These crystals last around 20 minutes or so, do not affect your hot tub’s water chemistry, and are a bargain (under $20!)

And no date night would be complete without the perfect tunes to cap the entire experience.  Audio complete with waterproof speakers, Bluetooth and MP3 ports are commonplace options on most hot tubs.  Be sure you choose the right music-  I suggest this.


Ambiance Assistance: Mood lighting (above left), music (above right) and aromatherapy (directly above) will help set the mood on Valentine’s Day.


Every year you’re either stuck in a rut of the same boring (and cheesy) gifts that have grown stale.  Now the pressure is on to really hit it out of the park with a gift your partner will love.  Stressful.  Isn’t the entire point of Valentine’s Day to *not* be stressed out?

Owning a hot tub is therapeutic for the mind and the body.  And that is great.  But the real benefit is:  YOU’LL NEVER HAVE TO GIVE A BACK RUB OR FOOT MASSAGE AGAIN (High-Five!)

So why book a couple’s massage for hundreds of dollars at a health spa when you can go outside and let the hot tub work away aches and pains from your neck to your toes?  Its simple math: Hot Tub > Health Spa.


Are you the romantic sort that goes above and beyond?  If you can afford to travel, why not make a truly romantic destination vacation in your back yard whenever you so desire?

Okay- to be fair- the “City of Light” is pretty amazing.  But not everyone has the ability to enjoy a two week stay in Paris.  With a similar investment, a hot tub makes Paris seem like a consolation prize, and without the hassle of finding a baby sitter (or dog sitter, or both). Furthermore, you cannot bring Paris home with you.  But every night you can still enjoy your hot tub on demand in your own backyard.


Really?  Roses again?  For the 10th year in a row?  Eeeesh.  And chocolate?  Lame, and also, unhealthy.  Hot tubs have amazing health benefits that wont expand your waist line or cause cavities.  Additionally, a soak in a hot tub alleviates aches and pains and encourages restful, healthy sleep.  Need I say any more?


You and your partner deserve all the romance, relaxation, stress relief, and enjoyment you can make for yourselves on this Valentine’s Day.  With a hot tub you’re outfitted with all of these attributes and more every day of the year.

Come check out our showroom to see what hot tub is right for you and your significant other.  Or you can check out our brands here and here and call us for more information at 314.821.6660.

Happy Valentine’s Day and thanks for reading!

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