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How-to / help videos for Hot Tubs, Swim Spas, and In Ground Pools.

Understand Your Pool Chemicals

This video teaches the user how to better understand pool water chemicals and chemistry for salt water pools. Good video for the beginner pool owner.

Understanding Your Hayward Goldline

This video spends time explaining the Hayward Goldline AquaRite Salt System components and how to use it.

Understanding Your Spa Chemicals

How To: Changing Cartridges

👇🏻 How To Change your FROG® @ease Cartridges

How to drain a Tuff Spa

Trying to drain your Tuff Spa? Watch how here!

Artesian Spas – Overheating

To correct your Artesian Spa from overheating in the summer, change your filter cycles to the following:

  • Filter 1 – 8PM – 8AM
  • Filter 2 – 8AM – 8PM
  • Disable filter 2.

REMINDER: Re-enable filter cycle 2 when the weather begins to cool in the fall.